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Hi everyone,

today i want to write this small post to talk about a HUGE topic!


People love to talk, to think, to read and to watch about everything, but the majority of us AVOID taking action, and that´s why so many online businesses are failing miserably.

Gosh, i have received thousands of emails since i have started working online (10 years ago) from friends, pals, clients, subscribers, etc. about how they are failing so badly.

Many of them spent tons of time in social media on tons of groups consuming, consuming.... but they don't produce anything, and their businesses collapse.

Working online and being an entrepreneur never was easy as you should know. Many claimed GURUS will tell you the opposite so they can sell you their premium programs.

The reality is entirely different. You need to work hard to succeed online or else the odds of failing are extremely high.

You should take ACTION to start working in what you believe in and stop getting excuses to delay it for tomorrow...


In the other day, i have received a video from an outstanding entrepreneur (​Gary Vaynerchuk) who started working online very hard since he was a teenager and today he has an EMPIRE, but he still works as he did in the past... 16 hours a day!

Watch this video just ONCE and TAKE ACTION afterward, without excuses!

Enjoy the Weekend!



​how to create catchy blog post titles

8 out of 10 people will read the headline

but only 2 out of 10 will click thru and will read the rest of your article.


Because your headlines aren’t Catchy

Hi everyone,

I am Paulo Ribeiro, and today i am going to teach you how to write a catchy headline.

So If you are writing a Viral headline blog post, you want to make sure that is so appealing that people not only will click through, but they are going to read the rest of your post.

So how do you do this?

Luckily for you, i have written blog posts for a long time now.

I must tell you that i am not the best writer, i have a lot of grammar errors, but when you do something long enough, eventually you learn what not to do.



The title should be 6 to 7 words, because tends to do better than blog posts that have 3 words or 20 words. how to create catchy blog post titles

Why? how to create catchy blog post titles

Because it's either too little, so it does not explain to their visitor or reader what they are going to get when they read the rest of your post.​

Or if its too long its just overwhelming and it's a sentence, so none is going to read it.

If they are too long people will feel overwhelmed. If they are too short, they won’t be descriptive enough which means people won’t know what your blog post is about.

Also when its about 6 to 7 words tend to do really well and when you do a Google search you will notice that title in most cases won’t be cut off because it's not too long.

​If its cut off then its a bad thing because you will get less search traffic.



The second thing you need to do is using adjectives.

​When using adjectives in your headline more people will click on it.


The third thing you need to do is considering using the year.

You don’t always want to do this. It won’t work for every type of blog posts.

But this works pretty well for detailed blog posts like “The beginner's guide to Photography.” how to create catchy blog post titles

you can add in the title updated in 2017, updated in 2018, etc

that causes a lot more clicks because people knows its fresh.


The fourth rule is to use tools like Portent title generator.

​You can put a keyword in there, and they will come up with really excellent titles.


Great titles will bring you more traffic, so this is a great tool to help you with.


The fifth rule i have for you is to google “Copyblogger headline formula”


They have a list of templates for you. All you have to do is to plugin your keywords, and they will come up with headlines that will work well for you.

As you can see its an article from 2006 and still works pretty well.



The sixth rule is to know your readers base. how to create catchy blog post titles

​I know the most of my readers are bloggers and entrepreneurs that are starting up.

​So when i talk about how to grow your audience and monetize their blog without spending any money, it appeals to them a lot. how to create catchy blog post titles

Those titles get a lot of social shares and click-throughs and tons of reads.​

If you follow the rules i have shared, you will be able to create Catchy Blog post titles that people will love to read, click through and then read the rest of your blog posts.

Why You Should Start Building an Email List

Why You Should Start Building an Email List ?


If you don’t invest your time in building an email list, you’re losing time.

I’ll start this post telling you that I misjudged it for a long time in my own business, and it’s hard to think of how much more I would have evolved if I had trusted those online-marketing people who told me to put my business on the internet.

But let’s forget about this and hit the right point.

You’re not running an online business if you’re not creating a list of emails.


Currently, most of my business begin on my email list.

And every month my profits tell me that I did the right thing….

Everything due to my list...

keep going….

I’m pretty sure that you’ve heard about this list everywhere, but you may think...


I’ll give you some reasons why you must start your email list today, and one reason why you must not.

If you’re not sure about this.... I’ll give you 15 reasons to change your mind.

Table of contents Why You Should Start Building an Email List ?1. You are so Awesome!2. Your list is the cervical spine of your business!3. You can communicate with your clients quickly and directly!4. The email list is "THE" VITAL part of your Sales Funnel5. It has great potential6. You can quickly get all important assesment from your audience.7. Everybody is doing it...8. Promote content and events using your list9. The numbers of subscribers is directly related to the evolution of your business10. Your List is your number #1 Asset!11. Your influence depends on the size of your list.12. Connections and conversations.13. The bigger your number of subscribers is, the bigger are your sales.14. Today, emails work better than social media!15. It´s 100% yours!

1. You are so Awesome!

You are great, and that is a fact, no lies here.

Every person in the world has something incredible to present the other with, and it has been proved that talking to your clients directly from your email is the easiest, the most efficient and targeted way to do so.

2. Your list is the cervical spine of your business!

I’ll explain it using other words…

Which would you prefer:

A: Promoting your products in your blogs hoping that somebody will buy it someday OR

B: Having a list of people who admire your work and really consider buying your products because they feel they really need it? (If they didn’t, they wouldn’t be on your email list, right?)

3. You can communicate with your clients quickly and directly!

This is one of the greatest things in the business!!

as soon as you have a fantastic idea... you can organize your thoughts into an email message with a powerfull call to action... you can make real money from this idea.

In the Offline world, it’s hard to keep people around, and it’s even harder to generate interest in individuals who are not sure if they really want to buy/consume your products.

With the unbelievable help of an email list, everything will fall into its place. The right people (the ones who are interested) waiting to buy your great products.

4. The email list is "THE" VITAL part of your Sales Funnel

Some people call it Sales Funnel...

Others call it Sales Process….

I prefer calling it Business System…

It doesn’t matter how you call it, it’s the best process to use if you really want to sell your products and make money.


5. It has great potential

A list of emails will guarantee that people will respond and take into account your recommendations when buying something. It’s great for you, for them, for everyone.

You can also develop some partnerships where you may help each other, increasing your sales by exchanging email lists.

If you invest the appropriate time in your list, the chances of reaching the partnerships you need increases dramatically.

Also, creating a list will bring you opportunities that you’ve never imagined before.

The chances of you getting famous in your niche are directly related to the amount of time that you invest in creating an email list. When it happens, people will be dying to buy your products and work with and for you.

People really like social media following, and you’re about to do the same…. Everyone in the business knows how powerful and important this list is, never forget it.

When you reach a good number of people, the probabilities of getting good deals increase dramatically.

6. You can quickly get all important assesment from your audience.

Feedback is increeeeedibly important. You get it by the number of letter “e” i have used.

Through feedback, you know when you’re doing something right or wrong, something unique or something useless. By studying your feedback, you may improve your products and approaches in a specific way that will be unique for your niche.

Everyone makes mistakes, we’re humans. But if we don’t know what are these errors, how can we improve?

How can you know that your clients do not like the layout of your website for example, if no one tells you this? If you don’t know what your customers like and admire, you’re wasting time and money.

Surveys are crucial to me and in my opinion, this is the best way to know what people are thinking….

I love it. You may ask me why?

Because by using surveys I can find out what are the weakest points of my products, websites, and approaches.

After studying it, I can think about how I can improve these points in a way that will surprise my clients.

7. Everybody is doing it...

Of course, everyone knows the money is on this list.

Ok, I get it.

Following the trends of the market is weird sometimes, especially regarding such a particular thing like an email list. But if it works, what is the problem?

You’re not doing it because everyone does, you’re doing it because IT WORKS.

8. Promote content and events using your list

If you’re having new posts in your blog, your entire list must know about it.

This will drive instant traffic to these specific posts, and also feedbacks.

You’ll always need a good excuse to make the people click in your email and read your post.

Make it benefit oriented and try thinking from the other person’s perspective. You can also use the list to promote webinars, podcasts, ebooks and so on.

Think about what YOU would like as a client. What would be the approach that would get your attention? Think well, because you can use it to promote more than products, webinars, podcasts and ebooks, you can promote ideas.

9. The numbers of subscribers is directly related to the evolution of your business

If a lot of people read your emails, a lot of subscribers will consume your products.

As the feedback, your amount of subscribers shows you how much your business is growing, what you are doing wrong and how you can improve it.

You must take a look at the numbers every month and see how many people you got in the past 30 days.

Needless to say, these figures should be increasing every month.

10. Your List is your number #1 Asset!

Take care of your email list, and I guarantee that it’ll always be there for you. The size of it is one of the most important aspects of your business.

It’s like having a pocket full of money, who is the crazy one who wouldn’t like it?

Take some time to think about it. Even if things are not going well, you just need more than a thousand followers and a very good idea to promote products and make money in days or even hours!

That’s the power of the list!

11. Your influence depends on the size of your list.

This is the difference between having 1000 people and 20000 people in your list.

When you send a message to a 20000+ list, you can be sure there will be many others to share your emails, thus creating a ripple effect and spreading your message.

100% Free publicity yay!

12. Connections and conversations.

Most email marketers consider the email to be a broadcast medium, do not make the same mistake.

The email is a 2 way street, study your audience and try to be connected with them.

Also, invest in the personality of your emails. Everyone has something unique, try showing it to your clients. This is why they subscribed: they like YOU!

13. The bigger your number of subscribers is, the bigger are your sales.

Once you get to a certain point, you will begin to have some clear numbers and know that for each 100 new subscribers, that increases your odds of sales.

This means that if you grow your list with just 1000 new people, your percentage just keeps going up! More subscribers = more sales…it’s a no brainer!

After some time, you’ll understand the relation between your number of your subscribers and your profits. It’ll also be clear how much time you need to invest in your email list if you really need to reach the salary of your dreams.

More subscribers - more sales.

It’s all about the numbers…

It’s sad when we realize that only a small percentage of our list actually consume our products.

In my case, 3 percent of my list actually invested money in my products…

ANYWAY, my online coaching business fills my pocket every month, and fills it good.

It´s all about numbers.

14. Today, emails work better than social media!

You invest a lot of time on social media, but, is it worth?

What would you do if Facebook released a different algorithm and your post stopped being noticed?

It won’t happen with email. If you really want to stay in touch with your potential clients, you must invest on the email.

85% of people who access the internet use their email every day. Did you know it?

According to this study, only 62% of people use social media sites daily.

If I really have potential clients, I’m sure they are on my email list.

The purpose of social media as I see it is to get people on my email list (and build my brand). That is it…that is all.

I only use social media to find people to my email list (and develop my brand), that’s all.

Use social media wisely.

15. It´s 100% yours!

If you didn’t have your website, your email list would be your only platform.

Take some time and think about it...

You cannot control Instagram nor Facebook. These are social networks which are changing every day. Who knows what’s going to happen in the future?

Are you willing to invest everything in those platforms?

Even though you spent a lot of time investing in pages and stuff, you can’t control them.

That’s sad.

But, check out some facts about email:

A 2012 study, stated that email is still a vital part of many people’s lives, the average person spends up to 50% of their time in the inbox.

The average adult receives 11,680 emails per year, almost 32 a day. 42% of all email in a person’s inbox is considered important.Email is considered the best collaboration tool for individuals and teams.76% of people use it to exchange important documents and 50% to archive important messages.

Although not flawless, email is still an important platform in most people’s lives.

Barry Gill, from the Harvard Business Review said:

Email is not dead, it’s just evolving. It’s becoming a searchable archive, a manager’s accountability source, a document courier. And for all the love social media get, e-mail is still workers’ most effective collaboration tool.

With more than 3.9 billion accounts in the world (according to Radicati), three-quarters are consumer accounts, so as you can see, email is far from dead. The projection is that it will reach 4.9 billion by 2017.

If you thought that email seemed like an outdated technology, think again. Face the numbers, Email is a solid platform.

Are you convinced?

I really hope so!!!

Now that I’ve given you a lot of reasons why you must build your email list, you must ask yourself an important question.

What is the goal of this email list? How do YOU want to use it?How does it help you reach YOUR goals?What are you selling?

Always know what you are doing before sending an email.

BUT when you have figured out why you want to build a email list and what you want to see your audience…

When you find out your own personal reasons...

Don’t wait even a minute, start doing it!

Paulo Ribeiro
Blog is my Life

About the Author

I have been working online for more then 10 years. Where i have build from scratch many online businesses. 

Blog is my life is a project to help the best way i can Bloggers, website owners and entrepreneurs to succeed online.

I know that any online business can be overwhelming for everyone who wants to build an online presence and monetize his dream or business.

Blog is my life is about all that, i will share great content that will help you build you brand and grow your business step by step. Everything i share on the blog is 100% FREE, so i wish you enjoy the content the same way i am delighted to create it.

Paulo helped me a lot with my local business. I have started from scratch, and he coached me to succeed online. Now i have the knowledge and enough clients that provide me a great lifestyle.”

Sue Ann
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“Paulo helped me to triple my e-mail list in less than 60 days. He dominates List building completely! I Highly recommend him."

Mikho Blazs
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" Paulo is the real deal! I knew him some years back when i wanted to promote my local biz in social media.

At the time i did not understand a thing about Facebook, Twitter, IG, etc...  Paulo helped me to understand what should be my Strategy in those big networks. Since that time i have hired him in a couple of occasions about specific topics of my business.

At the end of the day, the Return of Investment he brings to me is HUGE! Will recommend him 100%."

Claudia Malone
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"Two months ago, i had the privilege to talk with Paulo Ribeiro. I was thinking to quit my business, but Paulo convinced me to do the opposite.

He builds to me a custom business plan that i have followed since day 1. I can say after two months my biz awakened from a sudden death.

Now i have clients, traffic, leads and generate a reasonable income from my business.

Paulo knows a lot about online businesses and how to grow them from scratch."

Elizabeth Klein
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