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Paulo Ribeiro
Blog is my Life

About the Author

I have been working online for more then 10 years. Where i have build from scratch many online businesses. 

Blog is my life is a project to help the best way i can Bloggers, website owners and entrepreneurs to succeed online.

I know that any online business can be overwhelming for everyone who wants to build an online presence and monetize his dream or business.

Blog is my life is about all that, i will share great content that will help you build you brand and grow your business step by step. Everything i share on the blog is 100% FREE, so i wish you enjoy the content the same way i am delighted to create it.

Paulo helped me a lot with my local business. I have started from scratch, and he coached me to succeed online. Now i have the knowledge and enough clients that provide me a great lifestyle.”

Sue Ann
Jane Smith

“Paulo helped me to triple my e-mail list in less than 60 days. He dominates List building completely! I Highly recommend him."

Mikho Blazs
Jane Smith

" Paulo is the real deal! I knew him some years back when i wanted to promote my local biz in social media.

At the time i did not understand a thing about Facebook, Twitter, IG, etc...  Paulo helped me to understand what should be my Strategy in those big networks. Since that time i have hired him in a couple of occasions about specific topics of my business.

At the end of the day, the Return of Investment he brings to me is HUGE! Will recommend him 100%."

Claudia Malone
Shane Melaugh

"Two months ago, i had the privilege to talk with Paulo Ribeiro. I was thinking to quit my business, but Paulo convinced me to do the opposite.

He builds to me a custom business plan that i have followed since day 1. I can say after two months my biz awakened from a sudden death.

Now i have clients, traffic, leads and generate a reasonable income from my business.

Paulo knows a lot about online businesses and how to grow them from scratch."

Elizabeth Klein
Shane Melaugh