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In the Part III of the series i am going to talk about the following Mental Triggers:​

  • Mental Trigger # 7 - Antecipation
  • Mental Trigger # 8 - Novelty
  • Mental Trigger # 9 - Pain X Pleasure

You will understand why they are so important in your strategy of persuasion for your business or even for your personal life (yes, we are being target of persuasion every single day without knowing about it)

Enjoy the reading​

Below is the list of all the mental triggers i will going to write about in the next coming posts:


  • Mental Trigger # 1 - Scarcity
  • Mental Trigger # 2 - Urgency
  • Mental Trigger # 3 - Authority


  • Mental Trigger # 4 - Reciprocity
  • Mental Trigger # 5 - Social Proof
  • Mental Trigger # 6 - Why


  • Mental Trigger # 7 - Anticipation
  • Mental Trigger # 8 - Novelty
  • Mental Trigger # 9 - Pain x Pleasure


  • Mental Trigger # 10 - Negligence
  • Mental Trigger # 11 - Commitment and Consistency
  • Mental Trigger # 12 - Paradox of choice


  • Mental Trigger # 13 - History
  • Mental Trigger # 14 - Simplicity
  • Mental Trigger # 15 - Reference


  • Mental Trigger # 16 - Curiosity
  • Mental Trigger # 17 - Common Enemy

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When you go to the movies and watch an exciting trailer that stirs your emotions, you look forward to that film's debut.

It is the trigger of anticipation, undoubtedly a very powerful trigger because it stirs up expectations of the future.

Some researches indicate that developing future projects and telling people about it activate parts of their brains which are linked to happiness.

Probably because the future is uncertain and we feel comfortable with good prospects.

​About business, it is important to develop a favorable scenario, setting the stage for what is to come. In this case, a product or service.

When we announce something that is to come, we need to showcase its features and how it can help people, touching their pains and desires.

When this is well done, even if you do not need the product you are attracted to it.

The (good) publicity moves our imagination, often the the act of desiring something ends up being more pleasurable than possessing it.

Either way, with high expectations, we're likely to make a purchase when it's available.​


Apple is a master company in using the trigger of anticipation. It organizes an exclusive event to advertise the news of the company every year.

In addition to the events that are released to the world, the company has strategies for each particular product.

But everything is kept in secret, creating a mystery about which are the next steps for the company.

In the video called "reveal", she introduced Apple Watch in September 2014 but it was only released in April 2015 (in some countries).​

The anticipation created for people to buy a simple watch was huge and, it’s hard to get one of them. (If you have one, share with us in the comments)​

​All Apple products are released using the anticipation trigger, and the product below have classic elements of a trailer:

  • Little information about the product.
  • Surrounding music
  • Company logo at the end


To use this trigger in your strategy, plan your product launch and start advertising, releasing information or tips about it, weeks or months before the launch.

​We usually use the term "seeding" for this strategy. It means "to sow." It's like you're sowing the ground for what's to come.

You can conduct webinars, interviews with experts in the field, write an article showing a little of your story and even create a trailer for your product that will be released.

If possible, ask influential people to comment on the product to come.​

By doing it, you'll be forming a community of people eager to buy your product, especially if there is already latent demand for it.


Human beings are animals that love so much the news that if the radio were invented after the television, there would be a rush to this wonderful device completely without image - Millôr Fernandes

People love news. In neurological terms, when we are exposed to something new, there is an increase in the release of dopamine, the neurotransmitter responsible for the sensation of pleasure.

Although familiar things generate a certain tranquility, new things take us out of the comfort zone and motivate us to seek the reward associated with it.

Technology companies use this trigger very often. After all, every year we are exposed to a new model of cell phone, television, car.

Although the differences between models are extremely small, we exchange old objects for the simple pleasure of using something modern, innovative and, as we almost always deduce, better.


Have you heard of self-driving cars?

All of it is automatic and not only the engines.

They ‘’drive’’ on their own, with a statistical security far greater than ours.

The video above shows the Mercedes F 015, a car that many experts call "the car of the future."

No wonder the amount of technology used in this car is enormous.

After all, the trigger tends to move very close to innovation and technology.

I could not leave this commercial off the list of mental triggers.

After all, it is considered by many, the best and most innovative commercial ever produced, titled "1984".

With strong storytelling (common public enemy) we prefer to leave it in the ‘’news’’ category since the personal computer was one of the greatest innovations of our era.

The campaign has won numerous awards, which you can check out along with other information on this Wikipedia page.​

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In this FREE Ebook you will learn how to use the best 21 Mental Triggers to boost your sales without manipulating your prospects.

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In your business, you can use this trigger including, from time to time, an update on your product or service.

Always meaningful updates or people wouldn’t want to acquire the new version.

In addition to using a powerful mental shortcut, you do not take the risk of becoming obsolete in relation to the market in which it operates.

And, in fact, with the speed of which new things are discovered, it is increasingly necessary to seek to update.

​In digital marketing, for example, this is notorious for most niches.

This was one of the reasons for the wide acceptance of the infographic about Instagram that we published here.

​We talk about news, trivia and help the reader/visitor to update on Instagram numbers, most used hashtags, applications for editing images and videos and more.


Remember: When you launch a product, whether online or offline, a few times a year, in addition to using the news trigger, you’re also activating the shortage one.

Putting these two mechanisms together in your business will increase your sales considerably.​


Pleasure visits us a few times, but pain Clings cruelly to us - John Keats

The human being always guides his actions under the logic of avoiding pain and achieving pleasure.

Therefore, this mental trigger is vital, because it is based on what guides every decision we make.

It is worth remembering that, instinctively, people are more likely to move away from pain than to approach pleasure.

We usually associate the lack of pain and suffering from a consequent sense of pleasure or, at the very least, stability and security, especially emotional.

To use this trigger, it is necessary to know what are the greatest pains and desires of the target audience, since not all people have similar problems and pleasures.​


Ryan Grepper is the creator of Coolest, a gadget that came to revolutionize the concept of coolers, eliminating all the objections of people who like to take good walks outside.

The product is equipped with a rechargeable 18-volt battery which features a built-in blender and USB inputs for recharging other handsets such as cell phones and laptops.

With a capacity of about 55 liters, the Coolest also has waterproof speakers with a Bluetooth connection and LED lights that illuminate its interior and also a bottle opener on the outside.

Besides, Coolest's wheels are twice as wide as normal, making it easier to move around in the sand.

The product still offers several other features. Watch the video and see if, even though you're not the type of person who uses a cooler, you will not feel like buying one!

P.S.: The product has already collected, from half of 2014 until now, nothing less than $ 13 million!


So, first of all, present the solutions that your product or service offer to the customers' problems.

Focus on people's pain, talk about every negative aspect of that nuisance and how it has messed up the lives of your target audience.

Present your product as the ultimate resolution and only then, show how people will enjoy what you have to offer.

Only after showing the problems and the solutions you should relate your product to something pleasurable.

Do this using negative words for the first sales pitch (if it's a video, show it in your expression). And then use words associated with happiness, pleasure.

21 Powerful Mental Triggers to boost your Sales!

In this FREE Ebook you will learn how to use the best 21 Mental Triggers to boost your sales without manipulating your prospects.

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So far, the mental triggers to master the art of persuasion and Boost your sales have been:

  • Scarcity
  • Urgency
  • Authority
  • Reciprocity
  • Social Proof
  • Why
  • Anticipation
  • Novelty
  • Pain and Pleasure

Relationship between Pain x Pleasure

In the second part of the article, we will complete this material by showing you 8 more mental triggers that are essential to your marketing strategy. One of them is very effective in the affective life.


After everything we talked about persuasion and mental triggers, we need to make clear the difference between persuasion and manipulation.

The act of persuading is totally different from the act of manipulating.

Persuading is an incentive for the other people to recognize that the action taken by them is the best path according to their goals.

Manipulating is forcing people to make a decision without being aware that it is aligned with their best interests or even against their own willpower.

Smart marketing is the one which presents an opportunity, and the person himself concludes that following this idea is the best deal for him.

Therefore, instead of forcing a sale, seek to present concepts such as:

  • Opportunity
  • History
  • Call to Action

That way, you will be practicing the new marketing. The one which uses persuasion techniques and non-manipulation.


To conclude the article, it is important to warn about using your power of persuasion through mental triggers.

To achieve your goals, think long term, act with ethics and always deliver what was promised.

When we lie and use the mental triggers only for our own benefit, we are manipulating people, not persuading.

It may work for a while, but the lies always return to u. Even in the digital environment, where many people think it is a "land without laws".

Remember: Persuasion is the ability of understanding what your audience think and desire so that your goals align with those desires and vice versa.

For the proper functioning of act of persuading, people should do what you ask and feel good. It will create a bond between you that will facilitate the relationship between both parties.

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