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Did you enjoyed reading the first part of the series?

I sure did 🙂 ​

In the Part II of the series i am going to talk about the following Mental Triggers:​

  • Mental Trigger # 4 - Reciprocity
  • Mental Trigger # 5 - Social Proof
  • Mental Trigger # 6 - Why

You will understand why they are so important in your strategy of persuasion for your business or even for your personal life (yes, we are being target of persuasion every single day without knowing about it)

Enjoy the reading​

Below is the list of all the mental triggers i will going to write about in the next coming posts:


  • Mental Trigger # 1 - Scarcity
  • Mental Trigger # 2 - Urgency
  • Mental Trigger # 3 - Authority


  • Mental Trigger # 4 - Reciprocity
  • Mental Trigger # 5 - Social Proof
  • Mental Trigger # 6 - Why


  • Mental Trigger # 7 - Anticipation
  • Mental Trigger # 8 - News
  • Mental Trigger # 9 - Pain x Pleasure


  • Mental Trigger # 10 - Negligence
  • Mental Trigger # 11 - Commitment and Consistency
  • Mental Trigger # 12 - Paradox of choice


  • Mental Trigger # 13 - History
  • Mental Trigger # 14 - Simplicity
  • Mental Trigger # 15 - Reference


  • Mental Trigger # 16 - Curiosity
  • Mental Trigger # 17 - Common Enemy

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mental trigger

The trigger of reciprocity is one of the most important one and also the basis of inbound marketing.

We have a natural tendency of repaying something or someone who helped us. Of course that we need to see this act as a spontaneous one, from the heart.

That is why your actions should first aim to make people's lives simpler and then generate some profit for you. Not the other way around. People feel this.​


​The name of the campaign is: "Giving".

​The goal is to encourage the insurance clients to donate $ 1 a month for one year to a social insertion project, an initiative of an ONG, which collaborates with the social inclusion of individuals with some special need for locomotion.

Don’t do things expecting a reward, life always tries to repay good deeds.


Reciprocity is the nobler trigger and can be used in many businesses, even in those who do not use a content marketing strategy.

Always offer free materials to your public. Until when you sell something, give a free sample of your product or service.

So the person will get the feeling that he owes you a favor and needs to reciprocate in some way, either by registering the email on your list or even buying one of your products.

Most importantly, keep reciprocity as a habit. It generates value for your business, but the gains are beyond what any science can explain.

The feeling of helping people and feeling useful is immeasurable. 

Note: There is a trigger that we call reverse reciprocity, better known as the Ben Franklin Effect, which is stimulated when we ask a small favor to someone.

After realizing this request, the person starts having a good feeling for who requested it, even in cases of enmity.

It happens because, from the moment the person performed the favor, it has a cognitive dissonance.

That is, he realizes that the relationship between his former feelings and the action of helping those who asked for the favor is incompatible.

To order both cognitions and resolve the internal conflict, one begins to like the other justly so that thought and attitude are in agreement.

In your business, this trigger can be used when you offer to your audience the possibility to help to solve a problem with your products (free or paid).

For an inverse reciprocity to work, make sure of:

  • Asking for a simple and easy task to be accomplished by the readers/clients;
  • Ensuring that your request has been met;
  • Wait a little bit before reciprocating the favor;
  • Keep treating the people to whom you asked the favor in a friendly way to enhance the feeling.


mental trigger

Jean-Paul Sartre said: "The other is our best mirror." Yes, we are social beings, and many of our attitudes are based not on what other people expect from us.

Also, we need to belong to groups that identify us as individuals, in this way, social proof is a very powerful trigger.

Notice an example in our daily lives. If you had to choose between two restaurants: the first one is crowded, with an enormous queue, or the second one, completely empty ... Which one would you choose?

As much as people don’t like to wait, they prefer not to be disappointed. Then we think: if the restaurant is full, it is because it is good. And vice versa.

In a 1968 study, Leonard Bickman, Lawrence Berkowitz, and Stanley Milgram analyzed 3 cases:

In the first, a person stands in the street looking at the sky. The result was that from all of the people who passed by, 40% also stopped and looked in the same direction;

In the second case, two individuals were standing looking up, and this time 60% of the people stopped and looked in the same direction;

, In the last one, 4 people looked up and in that case, 80% of the pedestrians stopped and also looked up.

mental trigger

What can we conclude from this?

​Regardless of the reason (fear, curiosity, hesitation), the more people choose a certain option, the more we are influenced to take the same attitude.

Be it about fashion, food, application and so on.​


mental trigger

I bet you have. After all, the dubbing application has being downloaded more than 20 million times.

This is (or was until the moment I was writing this article) the new sensation of the moment, Being used by several celebrities, generating curiosity and an enormous social proof for the application.

​Some famous ones like Jennifer Lopez, Hugh Jackman, Olivia Wilde, among others, used this application to publish a video in their accounts in Instagram.

​This little act made thousands of fans download instantly to record their own videos with it.

​Social networks are an incredible tool for viralization, and they show us how simple ideas can become the modern taste quickly.

21 Powerful Mental Triggers to boost your Sales!

In this FREE Ebook you will learn how to use the best 21 Mental Triggers to boost your sales without manipulating your prospects.

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To activate this trigger in your business, you must use customer testimonials, satisfaction survey numbers, the number of units sold, pictures of people using your product or service, engagement in social networks and number of site readers.

It is worth remembering that the trigger of social proof is closely linked to authority. If you have recorded testimonials from famous people or experts saying good things about your product, the effect will surely be optimized.

Also, pay close attention to the criticism you receive. Nowadays, before purchasing a product or service, people look for third parties opinion on various websites.

Do not neglect complaints, on the contrary, make it an opportunity to get close to individuals who buy something from you.

If you are cordial and seek to solve the problem, the consumer will certainly take that into account.


mental trigger

As much as our decisions are made within the unconscious, our mind always seeks logical answers to justify our actions.

Even in situations where there is no inherent justification, our brain seeks to mean.

​Maybe that's why people often turn to the supernatural to explain certain facts.

We can see that this questioning is part of the human essence when we see children asking for the reason of a series of situations which are strange to them.

​In the book ‘’Influence’’, Robert Cialdini analyzes a study conducted at a person's request to move ahead in a stationery row.

​The tests examined how different requests can affect people's willingness to allow this individual to stick (or not) to the queue.

​In the first test, the participant said: "Sorry, I have five pages. Can I use the machine? "

In this scenario, about 60% of people allowed him to use the machine before them.

​In the second situation, the request was slightly changed. This time the participant said, "I have five pages. Can I use the Xerox machine because I'm in a hurry? "

Did you notice the subtle difference between the two requests?

​Let's break it down: It was not only the minimally altered request but the "why" (the reason) that made the difference for him to stick to the queue.

"Because I'm in a hurry" is not a good excuse for most of us. Even so, about 94% of people let him in the queue this time.

​If you think this is strange, let's go to the request used in the third and final test:

"Excuse me, I have five pages to copy. Can I use the Xerox machine because I have to take some copies? "

​It is an insufficient justification for people to let the participant stick in the queue, after all, everyone wants to take copies.

​Despite this, 93% of people allowed him to pass the front, only 1% less than in the previous case, but 33% more than in the first test, in which there is no why.

Cialdini explains that this is a well-known principle of human behavior.

​When we ask someone to do us a favor, the chance to be successful becomes much greater when we offer a reason.

​People just like to have reasons for what they do.

​Therefore, always seek to justify what you are doing. The more truthful and genuine your argument is, the more likely your audience will trust you.


Vitória Sports Club campaign in 2002 was so compelling that in addition to achieving its goal, it also won two gold and two silver Lions at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity.

This is the top prize in advertising, the worldwide recognition of the most prized campaign by a soccer club.

And if you love football and have a favorite team, you would certainly be sensitized if he changed the flag colors, the shield, or any other element that characterized him like that team.

Thinking about this, Vitória, a traditionally red-black team, took red from players' shirts and the color would only return to the uniforms as Hemoba's blood supply, Salvador's hospital, increased.

With less than two weeks of campaign, the number of donations had increased 46%.

We know that donating blood is necessary, but we often need to be with a loved one to do it.

In that case, soccer spoke loudly and more than that, the love for the club and the history of the club.

The theme "Victory only depends on the fan to return to being red-black".


​In your sales and marketing demonstration, put the reason you're offering something, it will satiate people's conscious mind.

Example: I believe that every person can live on a blog because everyone has a unique ability that the world needs through a blog/website.

In this page about the blog, I explain the "Why" of ‘’Blog is my life’’, as well as the benefits of reading this blog and registering for our mailing list.

Try to analyze your sales action with the public's eye and answer all the objections about your product or service.

When using the criteria of urgency and shortage, try to explain why your course offers limited openings or why your product will only be sold until the next day.

If there is no explanation, some people will suspect that it is only a sales strategy.

And more importantly: if you said that sales are going to end tomorrow, they are ending tomorrow, and that's the end of it.

​Soon you’ll learn more about Commitment and Coherence and how people valorize the concordance between what they say and what they do.

21 Powerful Mental Triggers to boost your Sales!

In this FREE Ebook you will learn how to use the best 21 Mental Triggers to boost your sales without manipulating your prospects.

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Did you know these three mental triggers as i have shown them to you?

​Now, i believe you are starting to get some ideas to implement them in your business so you can increase your sales, isn´t it?

​If you do, don´t hesitate to share with us what you have in your mind.

​For last but not least if you have doubts or questions about what i have written today just post them in the comments box below and i will do my best to clarify you.

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