Do you have a blog, website or business and you would like to get to know a tested and approved model for the perfect promotion (without spamming or being annoying)? how to promote your blog

In this article, you will learn the answer to a great question of every content creator; How to promote my blog?

Are you ready to promote better your blog, your website, your idea or even your company?

Keep reading this article.


Let’s start with the most basic of the basics.

Send an email to your current list of readershow to promote your blog

After all, they signed in to get new content.

So, create an email campaign to promote your new article.

Once again, this is the most basic way of promotion that you can do. It's one of the most crucial elements of digital marketing.

We start with the most basic methods until we reach to the most advanced ones (and even the weird ones) since you can get better results with those points with less effort.          how to promote your blog


Promoting your articles in the social media is another fundamental process that every content creator has an obligation to do.

Share your new article on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest and so on…     how to promote your blog

Remember that most of the social media pages have groups where it’s also possible to promote your work there.

Just watch out for the rules of those groups, since some don’t allow personal content with promotion intent.

One way or another, it’s important for you to use the presence that you already have on those networks to increase your message to your followers.

However, remember yourself of the fuel cycle on the social media and how it can be an invisible trap for your blog, website or business. Read more here in this article.              how to promote your blog


“Is it possible to promote my work through simple comments?”

Yes! Commenting on influent blogs on the matter can be an excellent way to popularize your work.

However, if you leave a comment, just with the intent of promoting a link, that strategy will be less efficient.     how to promote your blog

That is a short-term approach that probably won’t bring any result.

The most appropriate and long-term way that you can plan is to leave a comment that adds value to the content of that article.

Teach. Offer a new view on the matter. Share your experiences around it.

At the end of the comment, there is nothing wrong with leaving a link to whoever want to know more about it.      how to promote your blog

Most of the blogs won’t see any problem with it if you add perceived value.

This strategy should be used with moderation because the line between contributing with value and contributing just to leave a link to your blog or website is a thin line.

Common sense and moderation are the keywords here.


Specialized forums and website like Yahoo Answers are great places where you can find people with doubts about several matters.

Find questions related to the topics of your blog or company and offer an answer with the intent of helping.         how to promote your blog

I believe that most of these forums, like Yahoo Answers, allows the dissemination of links in the comments.

Therefore, show everybody that you are an expert in that matter with the best answer and leave a link to promote your content further.


Guest posts or self-made posts posted on other blogs can be a great way of promoting.

Besides of getting traffic to your blog or website, you can also improve the quality of your content.                  how to promote your blog

You generate more authority delivering knowledge to the public that maybe doesn’t know your work.

You get more traffic through links to your blog or website, as well as improve his reputation before Google, assuming that you wrote the guest post on a high-quality blog.         how to promote your blog

You will grow your email list because you can link to an educational content on your website that will require an email registration to download.

Guest posts are a great strategy for blogs that are in the beginning and want to gain strength and speed quickly.        how to promote your blog


Did you ever mention any article or person in your article?

Then get in touch with her when you publish your article.

When we did publish one of our posts, we did send an email to all the websites we have used as references and their reply was fantastic!

A few didn’t answer, some thanked our quotation and others not only thanked but also helped in the promotion, either through a link to the original article or a share on the social media.

It doesn’t matter your article format. It can be a video, an infographic or just text.

You must get in touch with people or websites, quoted and tell that you mentioned them in your content.

Remind yourself of the mutuality principle and that we all love to have our “ego massaged.”


You must write almost all your article on your blog or website with one target keyword in mind.

Google’s organic traffic, when you write epic posts, still is nowadays one of the best sources of traffic as well as one of the most consistent.

Therefore, you can select 3-5 websites to be in touch with that are below of that Top 3 list.

Why rule out the first three results?

Because they probably won’t link to your content to “protect” their actual position on Google. (as good as your content may be)

And if you want to know how to get organic traffic to your blog or site, through the search engines, I suggest reading the article “What is SEO: the basic guide to beginners in the art of ranking their epic content.

So, it’s best to be in touch with the websites bellow that ranking.

The goal of that contact is to get a share or a link to that website so that your content gets more emphasis and strength right after you post it.

If your content is at least three times better than his, he will probably share it since he knows what is a good content about that topic you both created.

One more reason for you to improve your way of writing. This article has 19 brilliant tips.


Our mission continues gaining strength.

The goal is to keep in touch with websites that link to a competitor of yours but don’t link to you.

To find those sites, you can use the Open Site Explorer tool.

First, you need to select the 3 top websites that are ranking on the first page of Google for your target keyword.

With that info registered, you will copy the URL of the first and put it in the search box of the OSE, selecting the search option on the right side.

The OSE will show several data about that URL as well as the number of shares, domain evaluation, page, etc.      how to promote your blog

However, what matters here is the backlink numbers. Scroll down to the Inbound backlinks section to know which pages are linking to that particular URL.

After clicking, you will have information about all the pages that are linking to your “competitor.”

Write down these pages and contact them.

Again, if your content is 3 times better than any of your “competitors”, those pages that link to them might add your link as another source of consultation or even remove your competitor’s link.


How to publicize your blog:  Step by step guide to do an effective  promotion of a new article



Getting several backlinks of different websites is a way for Google to understand that your content is high-quality. Links are like real votes on the internet.

However, each link has a certain strength and quality.

A CNN backlink, for example, it’s way more relevant than any blogspot link.

Then, it’s better a link from CNN than 10 backlinks from blogspot.

One of the high relevance links is the educational website that has the in the end.        how to promote your blog

Usually, they are school and university websites.

Getting a link from educational websites weights more for Google than the “traditional” backlinks.

Therefore, you must also promote your site through the educational portals that have some connection with your article’s keyword.

To find them on Google, you need to type:

Website: Edu/your keyword/

Example: website: Edu/grammatical errors/

When you get in contact, remember that just because the website is an education, your content must be well aligned with their purposes to ease up the insertion of the link or share.


A quick, easy and efficient way for you to promote your new article is to suggest links to it in some of the older posts that you already posted.

That way, you ensure a faster indexing on Google, an internal SEO improvement of your website, besides bringing more traffic to your new article through the old ones.     how to promote your blog

Choose articles related to the new one and make a shoutout, so your readers can access the new content.


With the main keyword of your article in hands, you can also search which contents were being shared the most on that specific term.

For that, you just need to use the Buzzsumo tool.

A simple search with the wanted term will show you the most shared results on the internet.

Write down the most relevant sites that can be potential promoters of your article and contact them.

You still can click on “View shares” to communicate with the Twitter profiles with the higher number of followers that shared your content.


You can search for profiles on Twitter that are more influent to a particular keyword.

A tool that allows you to do that is Followerwonk.

In that type of search, you can include groups interested in the content that you wish to promote.      how to promote your blog

Choose people more relevant to the keyword that you want to focus, the groups you intend to reach with your new article and contact them.


Facebook pages are not used very often for promotion purposes.

Because they have lost their importance after multiple facebook changes, reducing their organic reach.              how to promote your blog

Either way, they are still a great source of free promotion that you can use.


Through an app like Buffer, you can schedule posts on social media.

An idea that you can use is to list several topics on short messages to be posted on social media.

Thus, you can use a list format article to create several releases on social media.


For sure this is the easiest type diffusion that you can get.

Ask your friends and partners to help you spread your content through the internet.

If your content is memorable, they will thank you for remembering them to share.             how to promote your blog


Content curation is a term that still doesn’t have the deserved highlight here in Portugal.

Few people are curators and few websites use the curating model.

However, it’s an excellent way to promote your Business, Blog or website.

Abroad, there are specialized sites in filtering the best content about a determined topic.

Then, it’s interesting to get in touch with those websites to promote your article so they can publish it.     how to promote your blog

I still don’t have good references about email lists, influence people or website specialized in curating here in Portugal.

However, I leave this idea in your radar so you can take advantage of in the future and increase the dissemination of your article.

If you know a good content curation that isn’t just a content aggregator, but one of the best content manager of determining niches, please, share with us in the comments.


So far we’ve seen 16 ways for you to promote your blog or website for free, without expenses.

However, this list wouldn’t be complete without this item and, mostly, the next.

If you wish to invest in paid traffic, you will have a wide range of options to set adverting ways to reach more people.

This huge category can be schism into two big segments:

- Automated platforms

- Direct contact

Let’s start with the advertising automatized platforms.

There are several social media and websites specialized in finding the interested public to which you wish to offer.

Facebook ads, Google AdWords, Twitter ads and several others are options which you can use to advertise your blog or company in a paid form.

This is the easiest way of advertising since they already have such a structure for the creation of ads, as well as the segmentation and automatized billing.

The other way can be reached through direct contact to the advertiser.

Get in touch with the responsible of the adverting site and come to an agreement with him to advertise your content in exchange for a settled price.

Most of the blogs have a media kits that eases that contact, as well as its audience identification.     how to promote your blog

This path is not restricted to a blog or website.

As the contact is direct and agreements are closed as acceptance of the contractor and the other parties; you can promote your content through an email list, social networks profiles, among many other options.

If you are starting, I suggest start with the advertising automated platforms.

In case you wish to jump to the next level, I recommend having a specialized team to close those type of contracts so that everything is settled as agreed.


When you truly give yourself to create something memorable of extremely high-quality, people will naturally feel thankful for the shared knowledge.

One of the best ways to create an epic content is to make it to the right public. And to never any more mistakes regarding this question you need to know which niche market you want to act and which place you want to occupy in the mind of your reader.

Then, they will promote your content or your website in the most traditional and efficient way the marketing can have: the mouth-to-mouth.

A personalized recommendation tends to be very efficient. After all, who got a tip from a great friend or got incredibly thankful for it?

If you want to be a specialist in influencing people, you need to dominate the art of persuasion.     how to promote your blog

When you create content at least 3 times better than the average, it has huge chances of being shared and you can’t even identify the real origin of that sharing.

And that's awesome! Because it shows the actual growth of a brand.


How to publicize your blog:  Step by step guide to do an effective  promotion of a new article



Writing epic content will naturally help the growth of your blog, as well as improving your position as an authority in your market niche.

However, if you wish to grow a bit faster, it is necessary to master the promotion and marketing strategies of your work.    how to promote your blog

Following this model of disclosure, you will meet your maximum potential to your blog or website can have.

The 18 ideas in this article summarize pretty well what has been working for several websites and blogs in which I have been involved within the last ten years.       how to promote your blog

If you have any doubts or suggestions, don´t hesitate to add them in the comments below.

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