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Working on the Internet: Would you like to live in this reality?

More than making money, buying a mansion with a swimming pool and the car of the year, people tend to have life quality.

Especially those who live in the major cities and face chaotic traffic, violence, daily stress and dream of working inside their homes.

It is better to start the day without having to face unpleasant situations.

Without losing time early in the day and not suffering from a constant interruption of phone calls, of course our productivity increases.

Another great advantage of working on the internet.

Also, those who work at home, by having a more flexible schedule, can choose the period of time when they feel more active to work and have more time to other activities, such as exercising, preparing food or spending more time with the people they love.



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On average, we work 90,000 hours throughout our lives. So how do we separate our happiness and personal motivation from work, if this is a task that takes us so much time?

If work plays such an important role in our lives, why don’t we do it in the best possible way, making it the best part of the day, as well as being a source of personal fulfillment?

Many people dream with this possibility, but they have no idea how they can make the Internet their place of work.

If this is an answer you would like to know, keep reading this article to stop hating Monday and find the perfect balance between work and personal life.​


Despite being many people’s desire, working on the internet seems to be an achievement for a few lucky ones.

Currently, only 34% of the world population does some kind of work at home, according to Customer Contact strategies

Many people believe that this privilege is only available to the lucky, the needy, or to the very few who have managed to earn their living and make money online.

The truth is that much of this mistrust comes from the belief that it is tough to make money on the internet.

And it is also related to a significant amount of false gurus scattered over the internet that promises massive amounts of money with little effort.

I shall mention it straight away: if this is what you want when you think about working on the internet, forget it. There is no possibility of making money sleeping.

People who want to work on the Internet need to have something very clear in their minds: you must work hard if you want to conquer your space.

Maybe even more than you would if you were in an office from 9 am to 6 pm. Especially in the beginning.

Are you surprised? Well, many believe that those who work on the internet have a soft life, that they can wake up late and stop everything to enjoy a day at the beach.

In parts, it's true. You can do it!

However, believe me, you will never succeed if you do not take your responsibilities seriously.

My intention is not to make you give up finding your place to work on the internet, but to present the true reality and not a fairy tale that many people insist.

Is it possible to make money online?

Of course, it's completely possible. Being creative in generating ideas to make money will ensure that this dream comes true.

It has been my reality for over 10 years. As well as many other friends of mine who are also digital entrepreneurs.

However, this journey requires a lot of persistence and patience, because success does not come overnight, except in very rare exceptions.

Another challenge: dealing with distractions, which are many. After all, you are working in your home, where the bed, TV and video game are at your disposal 24 hours a day.

The chances of you procrastinating your most important tasks increase considerably.

And you do not have a boss to charge you for results.

You are responsible for performing, self-motivating, and selling your work.

Which demands an infinitely greater discipline, like the great soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo.

So think about whether this is what you really want or if you are just interested in sleeping a few more hours a day.

However, if you understand that this journey can be long and arduous, and you are willing to give your best anyway, then you are on the right path and also ready to know the best options to start working on the internet.


The evolution of technology, especially the internet itself, was the crucial factor, which made it possible for many entrepreneurs and even employees of large corporations to work on the Internet, from the comfort of their homes.

All you need to get your home office set up is a computer or a notebook, and internet access.

There are so many possibilities that a new category of people working in this flexible model has emerged: the digital nomads.

They are called this way because they can take their mobile office, composed only of their own notebook, to any and every place in the world that has a wifi connection or a reasonable mobile data network.

Point to the quality of life at work!

With all this favorable scenario to those who want to work on the internet, the options to generate income are becoming increasingly interesting, diversified and more accessible.

Still, no idea what you could do to make the internet your workplace?

So I'm going to introduce you to some of the most reliable sources of income you can have if you devote time and energy to make it work.


Needless to say, this is my favorite method and precisely the one that guarantees me to live the dream of working on the internet.

I believe that producing free and quality content for an audience in a specific niche market and thus winning an engaged audience is the best way to start making money from blogging.

Start monetizing your blog early in the first few months can be tricky because you need to produce a certain amount of content, make your work recognized, and win your audience.

However, it is a job in which you will be rewarded in the future. And best of all, it will have a solid foundation, a space that is yours and where you dictate the rules.

In this article, I even mention the importance of not investing all your time, energy and money on rented land such as social networks.

And if you want to make money on the internet, here's why a blog can be your best option:

  • 93% of online experiences begin with a search engine;

  • 92% of companies have already acquired a customer through their blog;

  • Strategies with blogs are 62% cheaper and generate 3 times more qualified leads for a website.

I started working on the internet for an Social Media website, the ‘’Social Media Promotions’’.

The site was growing to the point of hitting the number of 1 million hits. Also, I sold my first eBook through it.

But none of this happened overnight. There were years of focus on working on the internet.

By generating more leads in your mailing list, you have a better chance of making a sale, by indicating an affiliate product or your own product. We’ll talk about this later.


Are you a recognized authority in any area? When someone needs some help on a particular subject, will this person come and talk to you?

Do you enjoy teaching and helping other people with their problems?

If you answered yes to these questions, then your opportunity may be working on the internet through the provision of consulting services or coaching.

The concept of Coaching arises in American universities, being used to refer to an instructor who helps his client to improve in some aspects of his life.

Virtually any expertise, as long as it is real and there is a willingness to assist the other on the journey of self-knowledge really, almost everything can be worked through in the coaching process.

Although some coaches offer their services personally, many of them work on the Internet, using tools like WhatsApp and Skype to talk to their clients.

Obviously, this is not a scalable business type since it depends on a lot on how many clients you can meet, but it can be the ideal solution for those who like to work closer to people and want to help others to find their own way in life.

Some people have a high authority in their niche market, and they offer this type of service as a "complement" that is, they sell their time to people at prices above the market average.

This does not mean that to start your career you need to necessarily build a celebrity status on the internet.

Depending on your knowledge and your image, you can charge more affordable values to thee majority of people, by their hour and increase it as it gains prominence in the market.


We all have a talent, a unique skill.

You can consider selling your services to other people and companies by being a professional freelancer.

The amount of options in this field is huge and this is one of the most popular ways to start working on the internet.

Of course, to get started in this career you must first create a portfolio with your best jobs and have an updated resumé on LinkedIn.

And the best way to publicize your work and all your portfolio are by creating a blog and establishing your authority in the market.

Of course, creating a blog is not a prerequisite, especially for someone who is starting a career, but believe me, it will make all the difference when it comes to getting customers and charging a higher price.

To be successful in this career, you need to be passionate about what you do. Any job gets better when you like what you're doing.

Some suggestions for everyone who’s thinking about working as a freelancer:

  • Web Editor
  • Translator
  • Photographer
  • Graphic designer
  • Interior designer
  • Web designer
  • Travel agent
  • Counter
  • Videomaker
  • Video Player
  • Social Media Manager
  • Seller

Just like starting a blog, a freelance career does not happen overnight.

You need to invest time, study and even money to publicize your work and win your first customers.

One disadvantage of this type of work when we want to make money working from home is that just as the coaching profession, it is not scalable because it depends on the demand you can attend.

Anyone interested in following this path can find some vacancies on the site freelancer and upwork.



7 Ways to make Money  from your Blog.



Starting a virtual store is the most "traditional" way of working on the internet.

You can either open an online store to complement your physical trade strategy or sell your products exclusively over the internet.

To start your e-commerce, there are several platforms available, such as WordPress itself. You can also sell through collective sales sites like Ebay, Amazon or Clickbank in the case of info products.

To increase your chances of success, invest in a niche instead of trying to compete with the big retailers already established in the market.

Create your differentiator, sell only quality products and maintain a variety that is interesting to your clientele and that you may manage without any big difficulty.

It can be a real request for those who like to do crafts such as costume jewelry, furniture, handicrafts, clothes, etc.

Of course, your e-commerce will spread its range if you invest in authority building and content marketing through a blog.


Do you love your job in an office but you would like to stop facing the infernal traffic every day?

There's an option for you!

Some companies, such as Banco do Brasil and Dell, offer work at home office programs, where the employee can work for a few days in their homes, as long as they comply the company rules.

Even if your company does not offer this output, but you identify that there is a possibility of doing your job remotely, how about talking to your boss and making a proposal?

After all, not everyone resists a cost-cutting argument ...

Were you surprised to find out that there are good options for those who want to realize the dream of working on the internet and have a better life? Do you already live this reality?

I hope you can look at this world from a new perspective and start believing that living a more fulfilling life is not beyond your reach.

For that reason, I would like to talk to you a little about one of these options that I presented. My favorite one, which I believe to be the most efficient way of working from home and also my personal experience: ‘’Blog is my life.''


I will repeat what I have already said in this text: the life of those who decide to produce content for a blog and monetize it is not only glamor but also a lot of hard work.

A few bloggers live their lives working in pajamas, only for a few hours a week, attending parties with celebrities and earning very high fees.

This is not the reality of the vast majority of content producers.

However, it is entirely possible to have a comfortable life working on the internet for a blog.

Forget your pajamas, parties, and travels and focus on what you need to do to make your blog a success: content production and value creation.

Before you think about making money online, you need to follow a path:

  • Produce content;
  • Traffic Generation;
  • Grow your mailing list;
  • Warmup the leads;
  • And finally, create sources of revenue.

First I will present the best forms of monetization in my opinion and that I use in ‘’Blog is my life’: the sale of own and affiliated products.


For those who are still at the beginning of the journey and do not know exactly what their audience wants to consume, selling products from other producers may be a good way to start

However, you need to have good judgment skills in the choice of the products that you will sell on your list of emails, built through the blog.

Maintain consistency. If you write about extreme sports, you agree when I say that it makes no sense to write about a make-up course, for example.

Maybe some people on your list have a certain interest in both issues, but your audience will be quite confused, and even irritated, with this indefinite positioning.

And I need not say that your sales will not be significant, in this case.

The product needs to solve a problem or offer something that interests its audience.

Another point that you need to pay attention when choosing is the quality of the product itself.

Please do not sell anything you would not buy yourself, just because the commission is good. Remember that it will be your name, your blog and your authority that will suffer from offering a bad product.

The popularity of a product, as well as the valuation made by customers who have already purchased it, are factors that you should take into consideration as well.

If the product has a high conversion rate to the producer and is suitable for your own audience, your chances of making good sales are higher.

In Clickbank you will surely find some products that meet the requirements above and that are perfect for your niche market.


Selling partner products is a good option, especially when commissions are higher, selling your own products may be even better, and this should be a natural step in the evolution of your blog.

It can be an eBook, a video course or even a mobile app.

Although it requires more effort, the results will also be much higher, especially because your audience, who is already following your work closely, will be much more likely to buy something offered by you.

The first part of the process always starts from producing free content. Build value to keep your audience engaged.

Before developing the product, ask your audience what their greatest desires are, unmet needs and if possible discover their objections. From the answers, you will surely have one if not many, ideas of future products.

Keep in mind that the responsibility for delivering the content of the product is all yours, including if the sale is made by affiliates. Support is also in your account, as well as the fight against piracy.

But it's still the best way to monetize your blog. So keep that idea on your radar.

None of the product sales models I have presented are perfect.

It all depends on the type of game you want to play.

Use affiliate sales to generate income without much stress and sell your products, even with the risks attached, to generate much more money.

Just be careful not to abuse from your email list with an endless supply of products.

Other options to work on the internet with blogs to stay on your radar:



7 Ways to make Money  from your Blog.



If you have valuable content that you want to offer, whether weekly or monthly, as long as it's regular, you can create a subscription to newsletters or a digital magazine and charge a fee for each shipment of that product.


This is the most old fashion way of making money working on the internet, and it is already becoming the least efficient as well.

People have learned to ignore ads over time, with a massive drop in the number of clicks on banners, giving rise to the term banner blindness.

Another downside is that to earn a small amount of money with clicks, you need huge traffic.

But, some blogs still make use of this strategy and spread banners and links of affiliated products of sites/blogs to sell products from partners.

Affiliated links work well when inserted subtly into the content, which we call invisible selling.


You can create a member-only content area on your blog by making a recurring monthly payment.

Many people like to be part of select groups, and they will be interested in having access to what the rest of the people do not have. You can offer articles, videos, and PDF materials.


Sponsored posts are still considered quite controversial.

Many bloggers earn money to talk about a product or service and make the recommendation without even signaling that it was a paid article by the company advertiser, which is considered an unethical practice.

You can accept to be hired by a company, but choose only products and services that you know or identify and when signing a deal, make it clear that you will make the review based on your true opinion.

This is a thin line of monetization: if you are not honest you can run the risk of irritating your audience and in some cases, it may end your chances of future partnerships by detonating some contracting company.

You also need a lot of traffic to start appearing on the radar of large companies.


Many people are working on the internet creating videos for YouTube.

With the YouTube Partner Program, you can earn by placing ads on your videos. The more views, the higher the income.

Of course, your success on YouTube will depend on a few factors, such as the quality of the videos, the creative content, and the number of subscribers on your channel.

Do not forget: Make videos and do not forget to post them on your blog.

In addition to helping spread your content, we know very well the danger of investing all your efforts on social networks alone.

To work on the internet and get impressive results, the first thing you need to do is to setup your own profile.


The ways to make money working on the internet and especially doing what we love through our unique skill are here.

My recommendation is to trust blogs as the center of your digital marketing strategy to work on the internet and in the comfort of your home.

Recapping the great advantages of having a blog as a source of income:

  • The blog and your mailing list are your achievements, and no one can take them from you;
  • Social networks are great for spreading your content, but betting all the cards on them can be very dangerous, mainly because of the constant changes over which you have no control;
  • Although it requires much more efforts, in the beginning, the blog is a solid foundation, and in the long run, it brings significant results;
  • You can find several ways to monetize a blog;
  • And finally, you will be able to make your work your source of satisfaction and happiness.

And of course, for your virtual business to reach a new level, you will certainly need to have a team of professionals, and you must know how to lead this team to fantastic results.



7 Ways to make Money  from your Blog.



Share your experience with us in the comments.

We'd like to know if you're already on the road and how you're making money on the internet.

If you have not gotten there, leave your message telling us what plans you have for your future on the web.

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